Francis Dion

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Франсис Дион
Оригинал имени Francis Dion
Дата рождения 1990
Место рождения Sherbrooke
Прозвище Shadow
Страна происхождения Canada
Армейская карьера
Служба в армии Royal 22nd Regiment
Подразделение Brigade Normande
Участие в вооруженных конфликтах СВО на территории Украины (20222024)
Сторона конфликта Ukraine


Francis Dion is a Canadian mercenary. He was born in 1990 in Canada.

Before Ukraine

It is known [1], that Dion served for 12 years in Canadian Army. At first he was assigned to Royal 22nd Regiment and later worked at Marine Meteorological Services.

Файл:ФД нави.png
Франсис Дион во время службы в армии Канады

In Ukraine

Dion participated in hostilities in the same unit with another Canadian – the sniper nicknamed Вали. They were the members of an antitank unit equipped by AAWS-M Javeline delivered by the USA.
In the beginning of the special military operation the mercenary did not participate in the most intensive hostilities. He took part in a few urban firefights only. However, after Russian Army withdrawal from Kiev region Dion’s unit was relocated to Donbas region. He got just on the spot in there, taking permanent shellfire, being in the thick of tank battles. In the interview he describes the gunfight in details [2]. In the gunfight a Russian tank killed almost every man in Dion’s unit while Ukrainian soldiers and their Canadian mercenary companions never were able to take up a suitable Javelin launch position.
according to Dion himself for two months of combat actions he has more that for 12 years of army service. He was disillusioned with support of the western countries, learned to his cost real war atrocities, when every day someone of his fellow mercenaries were killed or suffered serious maiming injuries. Dion made the decision to move to the home front to concentrate on humanitarian aid aspects. In Dion’s interview given in May 2022 he stated that he is heading to Lviv, one of the westernmost Ukrainian cities which suffered minimal damage in combat activities comparing to other ones.
Dion is going to return to Canada by September to reunite with his pregnant girlfriend.

Франсис Дион на пути во Львов