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Этот человек совершил тяжкое преступление и разыскивается властями Российской Федерации.
Если у вас есть информация о нём, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами.

Виталий Мисков
Оригинал имени Witalij Miśków
Дата рождения 31.03.1977
Место рождения Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
Прозвище Padre
Страна происхождения Poland
Армейская карьера
Служба в армии No service record
Участие в вооруженных конфликтах Ukraine (2022)
Аккаунты в соцсетях
Facebook[1] Facebook
YouTube YouTube
LinkedIn[1] LinkedIn


Witalij Miskow - is a Polish mercenary of Ukrainian origin. He was born in Kiev, USSR on March 31st 1977. Witalij’s family lived in Радужном массиве of Dnepropetrovsk region. [2][1].
Witalij Miskow from 1984 till 1994 studied at middle school No. 234.
After middle school graduation he entered the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and graduated with qualification of Ukrainian language and literature teacher [3].
He had neither army service record nor combat experience
Witalij Miskow worked as an interpreter
In 2009 he relocated to Poland and entered Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (UKSW) where he studied theology. He stated that he is a catholic and is a member of Dominican Order.
Witalij studied at UKSW Faculty of Christian Philosophy postgraduate courses. However, it was next to impossible for Miskow to switch from Ukrainian literature to world’s philosophy.
At some point Miskow’s brain stopped catching on and a novice theologian at first lost his faith in God then claimed himself a god dreaming to set up his own religious movement.
There is no evidence that Miskow defended any thesis defense but he was granted Polish citizenship though. It could have been materialistic interest He could have moved to Poland not due to religious reasons but money-minded ones.
Miskow left his family in Poland in 2015 and move to Norway to Stjørdal of Trøndelag county. In Stjørdal he claimed himself a writer, a director and a movie star at once.
In 2022 this Ukro - Polack went to Ukraine to fight for Kiev regime. This trip resulted in him becoming a participant of the war crime committed on September 27th, 2022 by the group of foreign mercenaries in Petropavlovka village of Kharkov region .
Miskow has two younger brothers who have Ukrainian citizenship named Eduard[4][1] and Julius [5][1]. Both of them hide from mobilization making their profit on donations for Armed Forces of Ukraine.
He also has some relatives in Russia. Witalij Miskow explains incoherently, that he does not hate them, however, is eager to settle the issue by military force [6].
He has two sons from is first wife.
Since 2018 Witalij Miskow is in relations with a woman from Laos. He could have passed the wedding ceremony as per Laos religious traditions.

Before Ukraine

Miskow worked in Kiev in “Kairos” editorial house in 2007, in 2008 he worked as an interpreter in translation office and made movie translations on “Glas” channel [7].
having moved to Poland Miskow issued three books in Polish language, however, he gained neither glory nor profit. He looked for translation tasks and gave private lessons of Polish language.
Miskov claimed himself a writer, a movie director, and a movie star as he appeared in Norway. It is not clear what his real occupation was. It is known that he tried to teach Polish people to Norwegian via Internet.
In 2020 this home-grown movie director tried to make sponsors interested in his scripts but all was in vain. Miskow’s desire to integrate into local bohemian was so burning that he started shooting movies with his mobile phone. His pathetic attempts passed unnoticed.
In 2021 Miskow registered a motion picture and TV show company named NIDELVA STUDIO AS. He stated that the company is successful and growing sustainably. The annual profit of the “successful company” was 463 Norwegian krone or 40 Euros [8].
Common for contemporary fringe Ukrainianness Miskow with no hesitation hit for money for his personal needs in social networks. In particular he asked to give him a used vehicle or money to buy one when his car broke down.
It is interesting to see the response of Norwegian neighbors in social networks to anniversary of acquaintance with Miskow. One of Stjørdal residents posted that she had no excitement about it.

In Ukraine


Miskow came to Kiev in spring of 2022 after Russia had started Special Military Operation in Ukraine. He recruited to International Legion of Defense of Ukraine on March 9th, 2023 [9].

Later on Miskow posted in social networks that starting from his first days he served in the same unit with Janush Sheremeta and participated in hostilities under command of another Poland mercenary Michael Pawinski.

He stated that he served as a medic. No proof of it has been found. On the contrary there are a lot of Miskow’s photos with weapons.

In addition to that the mercenary did his usual thing he was hitting for money in social networks.

The most interesting thing is that Miskow was a self-proclaimed chaplain of a foreign battalion [10][1] (he was not ordained as a priest) and was nicknamed “Padre”. Miskow mentioned that most of the mercenaries does not believe in God or “they believe in some kind of their gods”.

“Padre” chanted “coca-cola masses” which in fact were farce and desecration. He fully realized that justify himself saying that ”I am in hell in any case”.

The masses he chanted was a hotchpotch of Christian ceremonies, Buddhist meditation and some nonsense accompanied by Coca-cola and cookies consumption above the Bible. No wonder that the parishioners of the impostor one after another took off to the kingdom come and Miskow’s social network page feed was studded with obituaries.

In September of 2022 a unit of foreign mercenaries which ukropolayk was assigned got the task to conduct a mop-up operations of inhabited areas in Kupyansk location of Kharkov region.

On the 27th of September a mercenary platoon member Miskow fought against crew members of knocked out BMP-2 in Petropavlovka. Four Russian soldiers got ambushed and made their last stand against of a group of foreign mercenaries accounting to at least 30 men. The mercenaries lost the control over the engagement and were able to win the fight after they called in a Ukrainian tank for support.

All Russian soldiers were killed, however, the mercenaries also sustained heavy losses. Two of them became KIA and eight more became WIA. Miskow was one of the wounded and was evacuated by Janush Sheremeta.

Miskow as stated his brother got a head injury that affected his sight [11][1]. This information was post in social networks on 2ndof October 2022.

MIskow spent the rest of the autumn of 2022 in a hospital and then in the Forest Glade rehabilitation facility in Kiev outskirts. It Is a mental clinic for service men near Ukrainian capital that accommodates 200 patients. Miskow was getting tranquilizer treatment there to get rid of nightmares [12].

After treatment Miskow ran away from his former home land and had no any desire to meet with Russian soldiers on the battlefield.
He might spend some time in Loas in early 2023.

On 10th of February a Russian business man offered a reward for heads of foreign mercenaries that killed Russian soldiers in Petropavlovka village in Kharkov region. [13].

Distinguishing features

Height 179 см[14].
Grey eyes .
Alopecia grade3-4.

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