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Этот человек совершил тяжкое преступление и разыскивается властями Российской Федерации.
Если у вас есть информация о нём, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами.

Joshua Lopez
Оригинал имени Joshua Lopez
Дата рождения Не установлена
Место рождения USA
Страна происхождения USA
Армейская карьера
Служба в армии 4th Battalion 3rd regiment 1st Division US Marine Corp.
Участие в вооруженных конфликтах Ukraine (2022)
Сторона конфликта Ukraine
Аккаунты в соцсетях
Facebook[1] Facebook
Instagram[1] Instagram


Joshua Lopez is an American mercenary, who came from a large family of Puerto Rican origin.
He was born in the USA. He is about 30 years old.
Joshua graduated middle school at Oviedo, Florida. His last place of residence was a suburb of Miami, Palm Beach County, Florida.
Lopez is a carrier military man and states that he took part in Middle East NATO task force deployment.
He is a certified rescuer a tactical medic
. In January 2023 Joshua said in his interview that he took interest in situation in Ukraine back in 2014 but right away hid behind “from time to time” safety clause. [2]. Probably he did not want any tough questions on the topic he was not well aware of.
In fact he just juggled those boring to death and disclosed fake statements of Ukrainian propaganda.
Lopez is a liar capable of blatant, barefaced lie to show himself in a good light or reap some benefit .
Lopez is a so called “bottom” homosexual. He is involved in prostitution via Internet under nick name Corporal Knox [3][1].
This Corporal is single and still looking for his prince to show up. Hence, Lopez has no children.

Before Ukraine

It is found that Lopez served in 4th Battalion 3rd regiment 1st Division US Marine Corp. from 2016 till 2019.
In 2017 the marine cashed in his rank and began staring in gay porn [4][1].
The plot is as simple as ABC – a barrack, a major with his pants down is buggering naked Corporal Knox with all that comes out of it.
Between the shootings a call-boy Lopez drove from one appointment to another making out of gay prostitution much more comparing to the salary of USMC service man.
Supposedly, Lopez did not declare the income he made literary working his ass off. According to Vanderbilt University data at that time income of gays in the USA amounts close to 60 000 USD per year [5].
After Lopez was discharged from the military which underperformed comparing to his hobby he decided to combine “cinematography” and medical science.
In 2021 as he got basic medical knowledge which was very useful for the gay with promiscuous lifestyle Lopez got a job in a laboratory in Miami. He worked in the laboratory for a year taking blood samples [6].

In Ukraine

In February 2022 when Russia began Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Lopez spotted plenty of opportunities waiting for him in the conflict zone. He came to Ukraine in April of 2022 accompanied by his fellow former marine Tristin Turner to participate in the conflict on AFU side.

Combat gay was recruited by Ukrainian SOF but in a short while he switched to International Legion of Defense of Ukraine. Lopez himself confessed that the salary in this unit was higher and it offered more pleasing privileges to the mercenary.

Starting from May 2022 Joshua Lopez began actively making money on donations starting various fundraisings in his social network accounts.

It is known that the mercenary was a member of Volkodav 1st Batalion of International Legion of Defense of Ukraine together with the following mercenaries Steven Prinsloo, Corey Wetherholt, Jericho Magallon, Patrick Caldwell, Jay Blake, Steven Keith Munroe, John King, Tristin Turner [7].
He was the Bravo-1 squad leader which consisted mostly of mercenaries from the United States [8].

Almost all of them were put under command of AFU 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade in September of 2022 and thrown to conduct mop-up operations in the area near Kupaynsk, Kharkov region.

War crime complicity

Lopez in Petropavlovka at 1 Severnaya str., on 27th of September 2022

Mercenary’s brother in his social media accounts posted a message on 28th of September 2022 that Joshua Lopez was badly wounded and “today around 10:00AM he underwent a surgery”.
In October 2022 the mercenary demonstrated the scars in abdominal area caused by multiple shrapnel wounds.
This demonstration was not an accident. Lopez lied that he had been wounded “during a sharp engagement with a company sized element of Russian regulars (150) and Spetnaz (100), a squad of which barricaded inside a farmhouse” [9]. The mercenary also made a passing reference to his personal heroism and made an emotional appeal to the public that he was in need of 10 000 US Dollars to return to the USA to get medication and rehabilitation. [10].
It all turned to be a fantastic pack of lies. Lopez’s tall tales were refuted by videos posted by Corey Wetherholt in late February – early March 2023 [11][12][13][14].
Despite the videos were seriously edited and cut they provided insights into the circumstances under which the pornstar body’s value plummeted down.
It appeared that he was a participant of Petropavlovka battle: four Russians against a platoon of mercenaries.
It also became known that foreign combatants proposed Russian soldiers to parley but when an unarmed peace envoy showed up the mercenaries simply murdered him [15]. After that Russian soldiers stroke back vigorously and regardless of fivefold numerical superiority American mercenaries sustained heavy losses.
At first it was assumed the killer was Lopez. However, the teams of Foreigncombatants, Lostarmour and TrackAMerc defined in joint effort that Jay Blake was the butcher. This discovery does not waive the blame from the other foreign combatants yet. They are all accomplices to the crime.

In October 2022 Lopez fled to the USA. However, after the undignified fight when the veterans of foreign armies were able to defeat a handful of wounded Russian volunteer fighters only after the mercenaries called in for a tank to support them. These mercenary had the cheek to make the cynical statement that “Even Ukrainian dogs are trained better than most of the orcs…”.
Lopez posted this statement in his social media accounts on February 7th 2023. By that date he had already rejoined International Legion of Defense of Ukraine to get another set of new impressions.
It is known that in February the American was in Bakhmut area.

A Russian businessman on February 10th 2023 offered a reward for the heads of foreign mercenaries who participated in Russian fighters murder [16].
Based on collected facts Foreign Combatants team prepared the application to Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation about the crime committed by Jay Blake and other foreign mercenaries in Petropavlovka village of Kharkov region.

Distinguishing features

Height 180cm, weight 86kg.
A sleeve tattoo on the left forearm.
Abdominal lengthwise scar after surgery. Shrapnel inflicted multiple scars on the left side of the body.

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