Daniel Burke

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Daniel Burke
ЖивНа Украине
Оригинал имени Daniel Burke
Дата рождения 1987
Место рождения Manchester, UK
Страна происхождения United Kingdom
Армейская карьера
Служба в армии 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment British Army' (2007-2009),
Участие в вооруженных конфликтах Kurdish Contra of Northern Syria (2017-2018), Ukraine (2022)
Сторона конфликта Ukraine
Аккаунты в соцсетях
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Daniel Berk — a British mercenary in Ukraine. One of the Dark Angels founders . He was born in 1987. He lived in Wythenshawe a Manchester district.

Before Ukraine

In 2007-2009 he served in 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment British Army [2] and was on duty in Afganistan [3]. Daniel Burke also from the end 2017 till June 2018 participated in combat actions in Siria. He was a member of Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG). He stated that he went there to have his revenge to ISIS [1] for their terrorist attack on Manchester Arena on 22nd of May 2017 [2]. Eventually Daniel returned to the United Kingdom. Some time after he decided to go to Syria again, however, in December 2019 he was arrested under criminal charges regarding YPG’s terrorist attack preparation. Daniel did 8 months in prison. The criminal the case was dismissed owing to lack of evidence on 03rd July 2020 [2].

Daniel Burke with a group of mercenaries Dark Angels in Ukraine

In Ukraine

After the beginning of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine in February 2022 Daniel Berk decided to support Ukraine. From 12.03.2022 to 15.03.2022 he visited Poland and informed that he took part in humanitarian mission to help refugees [4]. In April 2022 having arrived in Ukrain together with Maxime Barrat, Kristopher Ezell and his other fellow mercenaries Berk established a mercenary unit called Dark Angels [3][5]. Presumably, the participants are connected not only by a working relationship, but also by a very close personal relationship Initially Dark Angels unit was focused on assistance to French citizens that were willing to leave Ukraine. Later on the unit began territorial defense combatants training and occasionally it trained Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel [3][4]. In June 2022 Daniel Berk and hie fellow mercenaries from Dark Angels mercenary unit participated in hostilities in Kherson region. They were equipped with western weapon systems including AAWS-M Javelin [6].

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