Alex Silva

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Alex Silva
Файл:Алекс Силва.jpg
Оригинал имени Не установлен
Дата рождения 1973-1974
Место рождения Не установлено
Страна происхождения Brazil
Армейская карьера
Служба в армии Нет данных
Участие в вооруженных конфликтах Afghanistan (2021), Ukraine (с 2014).
Сторона конфликта Ukraine


A Brazilian Alex Silva has been living in Ukraine for eight years. He had enough time to settle down and these days he is a military instructor.

Before Ukraine

For more than twenty years Alex Silva has served in the military [1]
He came back to Brasilia in 2020 to waive the flag of the “Right Sector” [2] at rallies and to appeal to local Maidan.[3]
Alex Silva served as an instructor in Afghanistan and was spotted in August 2021 in Kabul right before Taliban movement seized the power [4].

In Ukraine

Since 2014 Alex Silva has been training foreign mercenaries that participated in hostilities at Donbas including those who had come from Brazil.
As soon as Special military Operation started he joined a territorial defense unit [5], later on he started training foreign mercenaries of International Legion of Defense [6].
In early April 2022 Alex Silva was at front lines in Kiev region and was spreading fake news about “Russian looters and rapists” [7]
. He stated in the interview to a Brazilian mass media that he patrolled Kiev streets, escorted civilians to a refuge on behalf of “moderate auxiliary police unit”.


We currently have no information that could incriminate the combatant for the murder of Russian military personnel or civilians; he still has an option to surrender to the Russian authorities or return home.
In the event such incriminating evidence does become available, as a mercenary he will be at risk of criminal liability and according to legislation of the DPR and LPR, could face a death penalty, depending on the severity of the crimes.


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