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Aiden Aslin


Original name Aiden Aslin
Date of birth 1994
Place of birth Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, UK
Nickname unknown
Alias unknown
State of origin United Kingdom
Army career
Army career Didn't serve
Participation in military conflicts Syria 2015-2016, Ukraine 2022


Before Ukraine

Aiden Aslin was born in Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, UK. Prior to 2015 worked as a nurse. In April 2015 left for Syria. According to his grandmother, Aslin went to Syria for "humanitarian reasons". Aslin himself stated that he fought in Syria on the side of Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG). However, upon his return to UK he was arrested on suspicion of terrorism and preparation of terrorist acts in Iraq and Syria.[1]. Nine months later Aslin was cleared of suspicions of preparation of terrorist acts in Iraq and Syria.[2]after which he returned to Syria to participate in the armed conflict.

In Ukraine

After returning from Syria and accusations of terrorism, Aslin experienced difficulties with finding employment in UK. In 2018 he went to Ukraine, where he joined Ukrainian armed formations. According to his own statement [3], first he was sent to the Marine Corps training camp in Mykolayiv where recruits received basic training. There was nothing outstanding in training, admits Aslin, and he expected more. After training camp he and his battalion were sent to the Odessa region. Aslin notces that drug use and fights among military personnel were routine.

In the summer, 2021, Aslin participated in military trainings Sea Breeze organized by NATO at the Black Sea. Military trainers from USA, Great Britain and Canada trained soldiers from Ukrainian armed formations, and also Georgian and Moldavian soldiers. Aslin notes the high level of corruption in the organization of the training [4].

At the start of special military operation he was in Mariupol. By mid-April Aslin's unit was left without food and ammunition, about which he made posts in social media and notified his friends. On April 14 Aslin surrendered after unsuccessful breakout attempt by 36th Brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Mariupol[5]. According to the mercenary's confession, in this situation, the only option to save his life was to surrender. Aslin says [6] that many Ukrainian military familiar to him "do not consider Russians for people", and they are captured by nationalist attitudes that mostly take their roots from the education and upbringing system.

He marries Diane, an armenian girl from Ukraine. After his detention she leaves Ukraine and moves to the Great Britain. [7]

Aiden Aslin with his wife Diane Aslin

International reaction

After detention Aslin was provided an opportunity to contact his family and friends[8]. Aslin petitioned his relatives to arrange a campaign for his return to United Kingdom, and to get support for it from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He also recorded a request to exchange himself and another British citizen, who participated in the conflict on Ukrainian side, for Viktor Medvedchuk[9].

However, regardless of appeals in mass media by Aslin's friends and relatives Boris Johnson only expressed his hopes that Aslin will be treated with "care and compassion"[10]. United Kingdom has made no attempts to exchange it;s subjects.

In the end of April 2022 british journalist Graham Phillips released an interview with Aslin in which Aslin told about war crimes commited by the members of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass and "Azov" battalion in Mariupol[11]. Video of the interview was posted to YouTube, where it was shortly thereafter deleted by the host. Video clearly demonstrated that Aslin was not subjected to physical force and is being kept in reasonable conditions.

Criminal charges

Formally Aslin was apprehended in Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), therefore he is a subject to it's jurisdiction. Prosecutor General office of the DPR initiated criminal cases against Aslin and other british mercenaries[12]. If convicted, Aslin may be facing capital punishment, since such penalty is provided for in the Criminal Code of the DPR for certain crimes.

09 June 22: Aiden Aslin who was captured by Russian forces have been sentenced to death. Video from the Court (09.06.22)


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